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Engine building

Since 1985 we are focused on maintenance and rebuilding of vehicle engines.

Specialized on the brand Aston Martin-Lagonda, build from 1930 to 1989
regardind engine design, we are able to offer to our customers our extreamly specialized knowledge.

Our technical equipment for turning / machining / parent boring / reaming, build by
Friedrich Deckel Fräsmaschinen-München, GEMA Drehbänke-St.Ingbert,
Staehely Zahnradfräsmaschinen-Wuppertal, Weiler Drehbänke-Herzogenaurach,
Ludwig Hunger Werkzeug-/ und Maschinenfabrik München, guarantees best results.

During the last 25 years, since we found our company we have completely rebuild 35 diverent typ
of Aston Martin engines in total.Including 10 Aston Martin prewar engines.

Further complete rebuilds:

1 V8 Masarati Bora Motortyle3"
1 V8 Masarati Bora Motor
2 2,5 Ltr. Riley Motor
1 1,5 Ltr. MGA Motor
1 4,5 Ltr. 8 Zylinder Delage D8 Motor
1 2,0 Ltr. Lotus Turbo Motor
1 3,8 Ltr. Jaguar XK 150 S Motor
1 Porsche 356 Super 90 Motor
1 813 Mercedes Benz Schiffsdiesel-Motor
1 Moto Guzzi Falcone, 1 cyl. Motorad-Motor
1 O.M. Brescia 665SSMM

On top of that severeal engine have been repaired, especially the cylinder head area.

For crankshaft graining, cylinderline honeing, full cylinder head reworking, as well
as headtreatingfor engine parts, we are working very close together with specialists
in the munich area.

Know-How and latest engine technologie:

Prewar engine technologie:

The prewar Aston Martin vehicles presents themself as a well kown symbol of english craftsmanship.

There fore we regard it as our aim to preserve the originality of your prewar Aston Martin.

A recasted engine block is easy to fit, but is no longer regarded as an original engine.(Matching Numbers!)

Coming from there we have developed our own principal to rebuild 1,5 Ltr.
as well as 2,0 Ltr. engines to keep the original engine numbers.

This methode looks very extraordinary, but presents some advantages.

By this methode, the inner of your old engine block will be completely erased, saying
the topdeck will be mashined down to a fixed number, the existing may be heavyly
corroded cylinders will be completely erased, the engine block will be derusted and machined.

This modification will be not visible from outside after refitting the engine.
By this modification we can realise 250 ccm or 150 ccm additional cubic capacity
as well we can realise roughly 74 KW by 1750 ccm, or 89 Kw by 2100 ccm
certainly you can get back as well the original cubic capacity.


Regarding full aluminium engine blocks we have developed a unice methode for rebuilding of worn out engines.
In conjunction with `Dispal`Aluminium-cylinder sleeves,( min. 25% Silicium), we are able to rebuild
worn out and heavily corroded aluminium cylinder blocks by using a compound methode.

This rainforces as well the original block and guarantees the original engine number.
The existing engine block will be machined to fit the new cylinder sleeves.

Single prepared ' Dispal' Aluminium cylinder sleeves will be fittedinto the crankcase
and combined by using a special methode.

Special coated Mahle pistons in conjunction with the latest engine technologieregardingthe aluminium
cylinder sleeves reduces the emission as well as the oil consumption by parallel increasing the engine power.

Please do not hesitate to call us for any further questions.

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