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Workshop and Maintenance

"For your Aston Martin we provides you with our special Service"

The successful participations of our customers on various historical rallyes and races
is based on our accuracy and experience in Aston Martin vintage cars.

All components which are not manufactured in our workshop, are inspected to
anaccurate verification refer to the H.M.H. quality standards and will be
reworked if necessary.

Most of the components will be manufactured at the H.M.H. workshop.

We know by experience, that it is necessary to change main components of the engine
like gears, valve adjustments, ignition systems with modern high-grade components
to gain a robust engine.

In addition it is an advantage to use some „know-how“ in as approved modifications
like additional Oil lubrication pipes or ignition amplifieres.

"The H.M.H. team offers an special service to all Aston Martin owners:"

Exchange units for suspension-/engine subassemblies - like Waterpump, Alternator, steering box, rear axle.

You sending your old part and get back a high-grade reconditioned component.
For each reconditioned exchange part, two years H.M.H. guarantee is included.
special projekt   Special Project